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About Us

BERENTA Cement PLC is a duly incorporated company with headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. BERENTA Cement PLC is part of the BEAEKA GROUP which has holdings in construction, real estate, agriculture, export/import, manufacturing, mining, and petroleum. BERENTA Cement PLC was established to help meet the acute and chronic shortages of cement in Ethiopia.

Our Story

The name “Berenta Cement” was derived from the town of “Shebel Berenta” in northwest Ethiopia where the cement factory will be established. Shebel Berenta is also the birthplace of Belay Zeleke, a celebrated Ethiopian military commander who led the Arbegnoch (Patriotic) resistance movement in Gojam against the Fascist Italian invasion and occupation of Ethiopia from 1936 to 1941.

Our Vision

Our vision is to sustainably produce cement and related construction products to meet the ever-growing demands of Ethiopia and the Horn Region within a framework of corporate social responsibility and to ensure adequate supply of construction materials for a growing population and the needs of an emerging middle-income country.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and supply high quality cement and related building materials for the national Ethiopian market and regional markets in the Horn of Africa and to aid in accelerated economic development. In doing so, we aim to adopt and implement best industry practices in all aspects of our operation, build a high-performance organization and gain the trust and confidence of our customers.

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